Before Nightfall by Rachel Amphlett

before nightfallBefore Nightfall by Rachel Amphlett
Paperback, 404 pages
Published June 5th 2014 by N/A
ISBN: 0992268524 (ISBN13: 9780992268527)

Blurb from, please scroll down for my review.

Kate Foster is quick to forget the advice from a pre-deployment hostage survival course once she’s catapulted into a new job in Eastern Europe, despite the good-looking instructor. But a simple day’s task in Istanbul six months later goes horribly wrong.

Trapped and alone, her only hope of survival is the man who trained her – ex-FBI Hostage Rescue Specialist, Finn Scott.

For Finn, it’s his worst nightmare. Kate was the one person he almost let into his heart. Haunted by memories of a failed hostage rescue, he is thrust into a situation beyond his control. Now, against a sinister adversary whose ambitions will split apart Eastern Europe, Finn must overcome his demons to prevent an international catastrophe.

And avoid losing Kate forever.

My Review

“If they move you, they will kill you.” I just love this quote.
This is the author’s third book and a standalone. The previous two are White Gold and Under Fire. We are introduced to Kate, who is participating in a hostage survival course before being sent off on a new job in Eastern Europe, fast forward 6 months and she is kidnapped. It is a fast paced book, with plenty going on, with a few twists and turns that surprised me. Kate is a great character and also Finn, plenty of background information on the characters to give you the right impression of each one.

There are some good hostage moments, this part has been well written and well researched. The plot is revealed nicely, not too fast or too slow.
You´ve got thrills, suspense, romance, travel, twists in the tale. I had no idea of the end twist, caught me by surprise. This is a good as the other book from the same author that I have read. Under Fire.
I didn´t want it to finish, I enjoyed it loads. I hope to see more from this author in the future. Thanks Rachel for my copy. I feel that there might be more books with these two characters. (I hope.)

Before Nightfall

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