Line of Succession – The Price of Power by Michael Vandor

Kline of succesionindle Edition, 241 pages
Published March 1st 2014 by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
edition language

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Charismatic Vice President of the United States Kathleen Canfield has made history through her election. Beautiful, full of vigor and wit, she has been anointed by the media as “the female JFK”. However, as events propel her to the edge of the presidency, elements in the government set in motion plans to ensure that she never reaches the Oval Office.

Canfield’s journey will ultimately take her to the White House during a time of world crisis (the Balkan conflict), where she will battle forces within her own administration and government to lead a nation from the brink of war. The price she must pay for the power of the presidency will be the life of her very own son.

Stylishly written, this political thriller delivers a unique flavor that crosses lines between Tom Clancy and Danielle Steele. Opening with an assassination attempt on the Vice President, the story is fast paced, steaming downhill from cover to cover.

I was attracted to the book from the title and the description., this is a well written account of a political family during the Balkan war. There is loads going on in the book, politics, back stabbing, family problems, international travel, blackmail and much, much more. I enjoyed the book entirely, there is all of the character development that I enjoyed with plenty of background on each character in the Canfield family, who are the main characters, there is Kathleen Canfield a senator who becomes the first female Vice President in the United States, her husband, Mark Canfield a plastic surgeon, Bill Canfield, a pilot in the US Navy and Chrissie Canfield, the younger daughter who is going through some difficult teenage years. The characters were believable and you got to know and care about them.

It is very well written with various changes in pace, from the emotional moments within the family to the conflict in the Balkans where there are wonderful descriptions of battles and war. My favourite part was the description of the conflict in the Balkans with Bill and Mark being the main characters in this section. This whole book was a nice easy read, nothing too difficult during the political parts and nicely paced. There are plenty of twists and turns and they surprised me, they were that good they caught me off guard.

The author has done a great job writing this book, it is his debut novel. I would most definitely read a sequel if there was one. One of the most annoying thing though was the president accent, it was frustrating to read as it was written the way it was spoken, but this is just a minor complaint.

recommended to all readers who enjoy a good political thriller, I hope to see more from this author soon.

Line of Succession - The Price of Power

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