The Perk by Mark Gimenez

the perkBlurb from the authors website.

City lawyer Beck Hardin hasn’t been back to the small town in Texas where he grew up for more than twenty years. He has history there. Bad memories.

But when his wife dies, Beck decides to return to Fredericksburg with his two young children. Leaving the rat race behind, he re-enters a beautiful but troubled small town simmering with ancient feuds, class rivalries and racial tensions.

As he tries to reconcile with his tough, stubborn father, and adjust back to the pace of small-town life, Beck learns of an unsolved case that has haunted Fredericksburg for the past five years. The statute of limitations on the case is fast approaching, and although Beck vowed to leave the law behind him, he can’t resist the opportunity to seek justice.

Yet in taking the case on, Beck has made one of the most dangerous decisions of his life . . .

My review.

Another book from Mark Gimenez, my favourite author at the moment, but i will admit to not being able to finish The Abduction, I found it rather emotional (not a subject I enjoy) and rather over done on the Vietnam War parts. So I put it aside and started reading The Perk and finished it, a very enjoyable read, I was looking for something like this, the part with the judge side of view,, after reading The Color of Law and Accused I enjoyed that the tables turned around a bit. This is all about a family who has recently lost a mum, or in the case of the judge, a wife, there some very emotional bits that come in to the book as I am sure loads of people who have lost someone to cancer can relate too. This is all well written with some very interesting parts on judging which I enjoyed loads, there is also more moral dilemmas covered which the judge needs to take into account with some tough decisions. The setting is also great, a small town in Texas and the details are great and well written. There is a common theme to Marks books, moral choices, to do the right thing or the wrong thing.

There is loads of background information on the main characters, my favourite is JB, such a great laid back person who has made some mistakes in life but is keen to put that right. The children Meggie and Luke are also great, going through a very difficult time in their short lives. It would have been nice to see more though their eyes, but then that would have nothing to do with the book in general.

There were a couple of twists and turns, nothing major, although I did know how it was going to finish until it did it was a mixture of happy and sad, depending on the character in the book.

Good stuff overall if you enjoy a little romance, emotion and legal thriller.

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The Perk

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