The Somali Doctrine by James Grenton

the somali doctrineblurb from, please scroll down for my review.

A lone man lies disfigured and dying by the roadside in the arid plains of northern Somalia…
Thousands of refugees are found massacred in a camp next to the Ethiopian border…
A convoy vanishes on its way to distribute food aid…
Rumours circulate that Somali militia are responsible, but Interpol agent Jim Galespi suspects the truth is even more sinister. Sent undercover to Somalia to investigate, he soon finds himself pitted against the two madmen who have taken control of Universal Action, the world’s largest NGO.
Galespi’s quest to uncover the truth about Universal Action and the unfolding tragedy in Somalia throws him into the centre of an international conspiracy that threatens to engulf Africa and the Western world.

From the deserts of Somaliland, the slums of Nairobi and the ruins of Mogadishu to the plush hotels of Cape Town all the way to the UK government in London, the race is on to stop disaster from striking again.
And again.
And again.
Intricate and fast paced, The Somali Doctrine is an intelligent action adventure in the vein of Michael Crichton.
About the author: After spending 15 years in the international development sector, James Grenton burst onto the writing scene with his debut novel, The Somali Doctrine. His three other novels are also available on Kindle.


My Review.

This was a freebie from the author on Amazon and I was attracted to the title as I love books about parts of the world I have never had the chance to visit. This book is all about NGO ( for those who don´t know NGO means Non Governmental Organization). There is violence, some very graphic and disturbing scenes throughout, action and thrills. There is also loads and loads of dialogue, more than I normally enjoy, I enjoy a mix of dialogue and description, there wasn´t any description here. The storyline travel a fair amount, which I also enjoy, Nairobi, Paris, Somalia, South Africa, London, etc. There is just a very annoying character in the book, Harry, he seems to be all over the place all the time and seems to just pop up when you don´t want him to, it was a little unbelievable. The storyline covers a little about a particular NGO who is generally getting up to no good. But then again, in my experience NGO´s in general don´t do a great deal of good on the whole, so no difference there. It was an OK book, I have certainly read worse. Funny though I am keen to read his other book I got for free on Amazon: The Yemeni Betrayal if it actually happens i don´t know as I have loads on my TBR list that are in a priority position.

Kindle Edition, 346 pages
Published by ITP (first published May 25th 2011)
edition language: English

The Somali Doctrine

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