Lethal Code by Thomas Waite

lethal codeblurb from goodreads.com, please scroll down for my review.

America’s worst nightmare has come true: a “cyberPearl Harbor” attack by unknown terrorists has crippled the nation’s power grid and brought the land of the free to its knees. As widespread panic and violence ravage the country, its ruthless captors issue their ultimatums and vow an apocalyptic reckoning.
A defenseless nation scrambles to fight an invisible invasion. Chief among America’s last line of defense is Lana Elkins, head of a major cyber-security company and former top NSA operative who returns to her roots to spearhead the Agency’s frantic efforts to combat the enemy’s onslaught on its own terms. While she and her superiors take action to infiltrate a terrorist hotbed overseas, much closer to home ruthless jihadists with a nuclear bomb hijack a busload of schoolchildren, including Lana’s daughter, and race toward a rendezvous with Armageddon in America’s greatest city.
With “Lethal Code,” Thomas Waite raises the international techno-thriller to dangerously exciting levels, introducing a valiant new action heroine, and initiating a series that brings a harrowing new edge of realism to sensational speculative fiction.

“Then the explosions began”

My Review.

I recently read Thomas Waite debut novel, see review and it was good enough for me to read his second book Lethal Code. This second book was so much better, way better, in fact I rate it once of my best fast paced thrillers so far this year. I love the genre also, techothriller.

It starts off with a bang and it just doesn´t stop, there are few characters in it really which is another thing I enjoy. OK you need to remember it is only a novel and go with the flow sort of thing, it is a little farfetched in places but very good all the same, full of thrills, just don´t expect reality. I found it hard to put down and read it quickly. I enjoyed the characters and the international travel to Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

If you want a book with loads of facts then don´t read this, as I mentioned earlier there is little reality here, you could almost say this is science fiction. Great title and cover to go with it. I will be looking out for more of his books in the future.

Contact details

Cyber-Techothriller / science fiction / mystery / suspense
Kindle Edition
File Size: 1527 KB
Print Length: 368 pages
Publisher: 47North (July 22, 2014)
Language: English

Lethal Code


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