A Thread Unbroken by Kay Bratt

a thread unbrokenBlurb from goodreads.com, please scroll down for my review.
  Many believe that those who are destined to be together are connected by an invisible red thread. If that is so, the fates of Chai and Josi are weaved together and tied with a knot that cannot be broken. Chai has been the self-appointed protector of her best friend, Josi, since their toddler days. Their lives are as far from extravagant as can be imagined ? but they don’t need material things to be content. Their carefree childhood comes to a screeching halt when they are snatched together and sold as house help, and possible future brides, to a family far away. This novel chronicles the girls? struggle to adjust to their harsh new realities once the comforts and security of their old lives are stripped away. While Josi and others around them in the same situation have reluctantly accepted their new roles, Chai’s warrior spirit cannot be broken. She remains strong and refuses to give up hope of finding a way home. Due to the infamous gender imbalance in China, thousands of females are trafficked every year to be sold as brides in remote villages and cities. Because of the lack of family resources, and the minimal efforts of the government to break up these criminal rings, many of the girls are never heard from again. Follow this story to find out what happens when despite one father’s lack of allies or money, he refuses to allow anyone to disrupt his quest to find his daughter.

My Review

I have previously read a couple of Kay Bratt´s books before, The Scavenger´s Daughter and The Bridge (a short story) and was delighted with the quality of the storytelling even though the story itself is tough to read with the subject of poverty in China. But I enjoy the setting itself. So I read A Thread Unbroken and the story is even more emotional this time as the main characters are two 13-year-old girls taken from their home and sold to another family to later on when they are older marry.

This could make you cry if you are that way inclined while reading, it is very emotional and heartbreaking, the things the two girls go through on their “adventure”, it details their horrific time away from home, one amazing father who spends as much time and money as he can searching for them while other have given up and some revealing moments at the end.

There are plenty of moments when you realize what is happening in China that shouldn´t be happening, this isn´t a book for anyone, you need to be away that it is very emotional and heartbreaking but written in a wonderful way. The title and cover are just perfect. There was a moment in the book when I was surprised that two thirteen year old didn´t know the name of the town they grew up in a little strange though.

Genre: China, human trafficking, emotional
Paperback, 285 pages
Published November 27th 2012 by Lake Union Publishing
1612184464 (ISBN13: 9781612184463)
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Thread Unbroken, A

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