Someone To Watch Over Me by Madeleine Reiss

someone to watch over meblurb from, please scroll down for my review.

A haunting and compelling debut novel that will appeal to readers who loved Sister by Rosamund Lupton and Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson.
She closed her eyes and he was gone – who is watching him now?
When Carrie’s five-year old son, Charlie, disappeared on a Norfolk beach, her world was destroyed. Now, three years on, her marriage crushed by grief and the uncertainty around Charlie’s fate, Carrie keeps herself distracted by running a local gift shop. Persuaded by her mother to visit a medium, Carrie is initially sceptical, but is blown away when he appears to reveal something about Charlie’s disappearance; something that nobody could ever have known except herself.
Single mum, Molly, is worried about her young son, Max. Naturally a sensitive child, Max has been having more of his little ‘accidents’ at school and has recently starting talking again to his imaginary friend.
Reluctant to tell his teachers, Molly knows that Max’s problems stem from his very real anxieties about his father – a violent and unstable man – who they are now in hiding from.
Carrie is desperate to learn the truth about Charlie’s disappearance and Molly is will do anything to protect Max from danger. Little do the women know that their worlds are about to converge – and both of them will have to face the thing they fear the most. But will the truth destroy them or will love be their saviour?

” She Closed her eyes and he was gone,

who is watching him now?”

My Review.

Oh what a heart wrenching book, but I loved it, this is a superbly written book but the subject is gutting. You need to get over that or the book might be too hard to read. The descriptions of the area it takes place are wonderful, I could see them and I now want to visit. I know I would like this book from the very beginning.  There are some very emotional moments, some funny moments and some scary moments. I loved Trove, I could even see it in my mind.

There are two separate stories and at first I was unsure how they linked together, apart from the beach scene at the beginning, once I did things ran along smoothly with both stories until they linked together.

I loved all the characters, well Rupert not so much, actually not at all, but he is a big part of the story also.

Jen´s boyfriend was a little useless, why include him in the novel when he didn´t really play a part in the main storyline.

Carrie´s mum might bring some nightmare´s to some who are in the same situation. Lol but in a good way of course.

It is a chick lit book for the beach or at least sitting in the garden and relaxing. This is just a stunning debut novel, not usually in my line of genres that I enjoy but in this case Madeleine really hit the spot.

Kindle Edition, 432 pages
Published June 20th 2013 by Harper
ASIN: B00A627YB0
edition language: English

Someone to Watch Over Me

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