How Will You Remember Me by Janine Cobain

how will you remember meBlurb from, please scroll down for a special guest review by Karen Lee-Roberts (Kagsy Le Wagsy)

How Will You Remember me?
Are we in control of our own life, or will fate always win in the end?
When Catherine Harvey’s marriage ends in divorce, she finds solace with her best friend Jessica in Belfast. Seven years on, she has her material and physical needs covered, but her heart is firmly locked away.
After the death of her ex-husband, and lustful designs on a sexy stranger, Catherine feels ready to share her life with a special man, all she needs to do is find one.
Connor Maxwell returns to his home town, after twenty years in emotional exile, to rebuild his life after suffering a devastating loss.
As his world begins to heal, it brings him far more than he bargained for.
How many times will destiny cross their paths before it gives up?

Kagsy´s Review

Successful, lovely Catherine has a wonderful lifestyle and business that she has built up from nothing except hard work, dedication and a reputation she earned along the way. Originally from the northeast of England, she accepts an invitation to Belfast from her long time college friend Jessica. Catherine has everything she could wish for but is very single following the loss of her baby some 20 years earlier, her marriage to Jack deteriorated when Jack dealt with the loss in the bottom of a bottle and the arms of a barmaid.

Now Jack has died after being diagnosed with cancer. Catherine goes back to the northeast to attend Jack’s funeral. During the service Catherine exchanges a ‘look’ with a very appealing man, Connor Maxwell, who was clearly amused at getting an eyeful of Catherine’s cleavage.

After the funeral Catherine heads home to Belfast feeling very confused. She can’t shake the feelings, even during sleep. In the meantime Connor heads home to Belfast with his twin brother Brad’s ashes, who had shared a room in the hospice with Jack.

A series of events and coincidences keeps crossing Catherine and Connor’s paths without them actually being aware of it. Will they find each other? They are both looking for the same thing!

I received a free copy of this book from the author through a book club I am a member of in exchange for an honest review.

What a fantastic debut novel this is. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, so much so after opening it on Sunday morning it wasn’t out of my hands for more than a few minutes at a time until I finished it in the early hours of Monday morning. I found the characters believable, likeable and connected particularly with Catherine and Jessica, so strongly that the story made me cry. I am greedy for more …. The only criticism is that Janine could have filled 500 pages with all the details I wanted to devour …. that’s how much more I wanted to keep me within this story

janine cobainAbout the author

Janine Cobain was born in Teesside and lived there until moving to Belfast in 2005. A former pupil of Conyers School in Yarm, she was always a prolific reader, and recently rekindled her love of writing.

How Will You Remember Me? is her debut novel.

“I wear many hats – wife, mother, grandmother, reader, writer, friend – but underneath each, I am still me”


Book Details
Genre: Romance

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 1571 KB
  • Print Length: 230 pages
  • Publisher: Write Path NI Limited (27 July 2014)
  • Language: English


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