Cost of Life by Joshua Corin

cost of lifeblurb from, please scroll down for my review
For readers of Preston & Child, James Rollins, and Brad Thor comes a gripping new thriller from Joshua Corin, in which an audacious hijacking is just the beginning of a twisted international nightmare.

Happy Independence Day. You’re all going to die.

Life can’t be better for veteran pilot Larry Walder. He has a great job, a terrific kid, a gorgeous wife—and no inkling that tonight will be the end of the world as he knows it. In the early hours before the Fourth of July, three men break into Larry’s home. And as the day lurches on to its terrifying course, a life is taken, and Flight 816 from Atlanta to Cozumel, Mexico, vanishes off the radar.

In the air, Larry must find a way to save his family, his crew, and his passengers. On the ground, disgraced FBI agent Xanadu Marx goes rogue, making it her mission to track down the missing flight before the hijackers reach their diabolical endgame. With the casualties racking up and the world’s busiest airport under lockdown, a message arrives: This is no ordinary hijacking, no typical hostage crisis. This ransom is a totally different beast—the first hint of a conspiracy that might bring America to its knees.

My Review

genre: crime, thriller

Wow, a thrilling ride, from the very first chapter, what to do when your family is being threatened is alway a tough book to read. Character development is good with the main characters. Larry is great, a family man, I liked his character, but Xana´s I didn´t like, it seemed a little wild and over the top.

It is written from two different points of view, Larry and the detectives on the case. I preferred Larry´s side of the story, with all the hostages on the plane, there are some gruesome parts here which some readers might find too much, but not me, it all fitted in nicely with the hijackers characters and you understood quickly that they meant business. Hayley was also one of my other favourites, she is a strong person who can go a long way in life, or at least her character anyhow.

This is a hijacking novel with a twist. Loved it.

I also loved the ending, and believe it or not I didn´t click where they landed until they did. I love it when I don´t click it adds to the surprise.

 It is a movie style book, it would make a good film. This is the first book I have read by this author. Thanks to Joshua and Netgalley for my ARC.

joshua corinAbout the Author

Joshua Corin grew up in Warwick, RI, where he wrote his first short story, a seriocomic missive about a young vampire with a loose tooth, at the age of 8.  He occupied much of his childhood with writing, often hunched over an IBM Quietwriter at the wee hours of the morning, and his efforts won him many accolades, including first place in the prestigious Young Authors contest.

In college, he branched out into playwriting and staged over twenty productions of his work.  One of these plays, a ten-minute drama entitled “Eventually,” later went on to be a finalist for the Heidemann Award at the Humana Festival in Louisville, KY.

Not content to just write prose and theatre, Joshua next delved into screenwriting and into 2001 his feature-length script Windfall won first place in the Open Door Contest co-sponsored by Script Magazine and Dimension Films.  This helped to secure him an agent and manager in Los Angeles, and they in turn assisted in getting his first novel, the screwball thriller Nuclear Winter Wonderland, published with Kunati Books in 2008. Nuclear Winter Wonderland later went on to be named by Booklist as one of the top ten debut crime novels of the year.

His next work, While Galileo Preys, was the first in a series about a Long Island housewife-crimefighter named Esme Stuart.  It was published by MIRA in September 2010, and its sequel, Before Cain Strikes, was published in April 2011.

In the meantime, he remains an instructor in English and theatre at a commuter college in Atlanta, GA, where he was named by the school newspaper as the best professor on his campus and where he currently holds a writing fellowship from the Southern Academy for Literary Arts & Scholarly Research.


About the book

Publisher: Alibi (March 17, 2015)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Language: English


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