You Belong To Me by Samantha Hayes

you belong to meBlurb from, please scroll down for my review.

The compelling new psychological suspense novel featuring DI Lorraine Fisher, from the author of Until You’re Mine and Before You Die. Perfect for fans of S J Watson and Sophie Hannah.

Fleeing the terrors of her former life, Isabel has left England, and at last is beginning to feel safe.

Then a letter shatters her world, and she returns home determined not to let fear rule her life any more.

But she’s unable to shake off the feeling that someone who knows her better than she knows herself may be following her.

Watching. Waiting.

Ready to step back into her life and take control all over again.

My Review

I have read a couple of Samantha´s book in the past, Until you´re Mine & What You Left Behind and I loved them, great writing, and have recently read her short story No Way Out (review to come soon) but this one, You Belong To Me is the best so far, Gripping and twisty, I was so surprised when I got to the end, I had no idea.

I enjoy the character of DI Lorraine Fisher, she is real, a family person with all her faults and vulnerabilities. The perspective from Isabel, Lizzie or Belle, as she is also called, is great, she comes across as a person with a past, someone who is escaping her past. I also enjoy DI Lorraine´s character. Owen was a little creepy, imagine someone turning up and helping you out of the blue like that. Felix, I didn´t like at all.

This is a creepy and unnerving book, makes me appreciate all I have myself and the simplicity of my life.

I was wondering during the whole book who was behind it all, and this is where the fantastic ending came in, totally caught me out, I didn´t expect that at all. Well done Samantha. I was unable to put the book down, it was surprising a different for a psychological thriller.

I was going to give this 4 stars, but as I was writing the review I was mulling over how much I enjoyed reading it,  I decided it is better than that, so 5 stars it is.


sam hayesAbout the author

I grew up in the Midlands with my parents and younger brother. I always wanted to be a writer and pestered for my first typewriter when I was ten. It wasn’t a clear-cut path to my dream career and it took several decades longer to get there than I’d anticipated. But along the way I had many experiences, met a host of intriguing people, lived in several continents, met my husband, and had my three beautiful children.

Over the years I’ve worked as a private investigator, bar maid, car cleaner, fruit picker, accounts clerk, nursery nurse, waitress…and I learnt to fly a plane before I could drive a car because for a while I wanted to be a pilot.

I travelled the world and spent an eye-opening time living on a kibbutz, where, having always written as a child and teenager, I was inspired to write longer fiction. After some more backpacking and a stint living in London, I moved to Australia for three years, got married, and had a glorious time in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Between 1991 and 1998 I had my children. We lived in the UK and the USA, where my youngest daughter was born. After Seattle, we returned to England, finally settling back in my home county of Warwickshire, where we’ve since renovated several old houses.

Throughout the years, I always strived to improve my writing. In 2003 I won a short story competition and subsequently had a novel published by a small independent press. It’s out of print now. Since 2007 I have had four novels published by Headline under the name Sam Hayes—BLOOD TIES, UNSPOKEN, TELL TALE and SOMEONE ELSE’S SON.

I am now represented by Oli Munson at A M Heath Ltd and my books are published by Century and Arrow, with my latest novel UNTIL YOU’RE MINE (the first in my new detective series based in Birmingham) and written as Samantha Hayes available on June 20th 2013. You can find details of all my recent novels by visiting the books page.


Q&A with Samantha

About the book

  • Publisher: Cornerstone Digital (March 12, 2015)
  • Sold by:Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

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