Harm North by Will North

harm noneBlurb from goodreads.com, please scroll down for my review

“For lovers of English mysteries with authentic settings and spot-on police procedures, North’s Harm None is just the ticket.” –#1 New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth George

Penwith, the southwest tip of Cornwall, is a land of mystery and magic, of prehistoric monuments, witchcraft…and murder. When an American archaeological team stumbles upon the skeletal remains of a missing child beneath a Stone Age burial quoit, irascible CID Detective Sergeant Morgan Davies, and her Scene of Crimes partner, Calum West, unearth a growing list of suspects.

Within days, another body is discovered. Is the killer the mind-reading witch—or “village wise woman” as she likes to be called—who has long been a suspect in the child’s disappearance? Is it the drug-dealing partner of the child’s heroin-addicted mother? Or is it someone even closer to the investigation? Just as Davies and West close in on their prime suspect, another child goes missing.

“Harm None” is the debut novel in the new Davies & West Mystery Series and the latest from international award-winning author Will North.

My Review

I wasn´t sure about this when I started, it is rather slow in the beginning, with not much going on, not many twists ad not enough character development, but the setting, the descriptions the magical, mystery part kept me going. Then with some character development I got to like the main character a bit more, because in the beginning she didn´t mean anything to me. I started to enjoy the book some more even though there weren´t many twists. As the book went on I enjoyed it and will be looking out for more in the series.


will northAbout the Author

I think we can safely blame it on Margaret D’Ascoli, though I suppose Henry Wadsworth Longfellow may bear some responsibility as well.

Mrs. D’Ascoli was my eighth grade English teacher, Longfellow was the author of—among other things—the epic poem, Evangeline, about which we had to write a critical essay. When the day came for the papers to be handed back, the class was awash in anxiety. Mrs. D’Ascoli was one tough cookie, and an even tougher grader. She walked through the aisles returning the essays to everyone but me, then went back to the front of the room and stood before the class until the rustle of papers ceased. Holding one last paper in her hand, she said, “As you know, I always give grades for both style and content. I have here a paper to which I have awarded not two, but three A’s: one for style, one for content, and one for something I cannot begin to explain to you. Then she handed me my essay.

I’m not bragging; the fact is writing’s the only thing I know how to do well. It carried me through a series of jobs and ultimately, at the tender age of 30, to a political position in the Carter Administration. Much as I loved that job, one of the best things that ever happened to me was the election of Ronald Reagan, who promptly fired me and forced me to choose between holding a job and becoming an author. I chose the latter.

Over the years, I’ve written more than a dozen books, all but the most recent were non-fiction.Somewhere along the line, I also became a ghostwriter—for Bill Clinton, Al Gore, a famous mountaineer and explorer, a team of Everest climbers, a group of dinosaur-hunters, and a couple of pioneering doctors. I also wrote a series of off-the-beaten-track guidebooks to the place I love most in the world: Britain.

Today, I have a talented wife, an achingly wonderful son and a splendid grandson.

One last thing: If you Google “Will North” you won’t find any of my nonfiction books. “North” is my pen name for fiction. I’m not trying to be mysterious; my real surname is nearly unpronounceable unless you have a lisp, and virtually impossible to remember—not a good thing for a novelist.





About the Book

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