The Euthanist by Alex Dolan

the euthanistBlurb from, please scroll down for my review

In this auspicious debut, Alex Dolan announces himself as a virtuoso of psychological suspense and a rightful heir to masters of the genre like Gillian Flynn and Megan Abbott. A young woman helps to end the lives of people with terminal diseases, her reasons her own. When she helps the wrong person, she will be roped into a plot to gain vengeance on behalf of dozens. Her journey will make her question everything she ever thought she knew about herself. And the last life she ends may be her own.

They know her as Kali. She is there to see them off into the afterlife with kindness, with efficiency, and with two needles. She’s been a part of the right-to-die movement for years, an integral member, complicit in the deaths of twenty-seven men and women, all suffering from terminal illnesses.

And she just helped the wrong patient.

Leland Moon has been with the Bureau for his entire career, but even as a respected agent, he was unable to keep his own son from being kidnapped on his way to school. When his boy finally came home, he told terrifying stories of his captors, and his nightmares haven’t stopped since.

Moon draws Kali into his mission, a mesmerizing cat-and-mouse game with two ruthless predators—one behind bars, one free—who hold the secrets that could bring comfort to the families of their victims. This powerful journey towards grace and towards peace will force both Leland and Kali to question everything they believe to be true and just.

My Review

This is a great book for a debut novel, mature writing with such a controversial subject and this is what attracted me to it, and it took me for a ride. I found my heart beating at a faster rate than normal while reading this and even after finishing I keep thinking about it and it´s unusual plot. Kali is the main character, she has various faces but at the end of the day all she want is to help people.

I was blown away with the first twist, completely unexpected and from then on you understand what is going on with the revelations.

Highly recommended.

Psychological Suspense, Netgalley copy.


alex dolanAbout the Author

I am a writer and musician based in California. My first book, The Euthanist, will be published in 2015 through Diversion Books. I have recorded four albums: Americana, Move, Owe Me One Cannoli, and Cherub Conga Line (with Crash 22). I created “The End of the World” festivals, which combined philanthropy with artists in music, fashion, film, literature, and the visual arts.

In addition, I specialize in pro-social communications, using marketing techniques to drive progress on social issues and with mission-driven organizations. I have worked with companies including global energy innovator Energy Recovery; Columbia University’s international HIV program ICAP; The Synergos Institute, a global anti-poverty group run by the Rockefeller family; Current TV, the national television network co-founded by Al Gore; and WGBH-TV, the production house for PBS in Boston. I have a master’s degree in strategic communications from Columbia University.


About the Book

  • File Size: 1373 KB
  • Print Length: 315 pages
  • Publisher: Diversion Books (June 2, 2015)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

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