The Reapers’s Game by Layton Green

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Is it murder from beyond the grave . . . or the final ruse of a twisted serial killer?

Three years ago, a deranged murderer dubbed the Halloween Killer butchered half a dozen people in New Orleans. He was caught and sentenced to die. Just before his execution, the Halloween Killer vowed to take revenge on the district attorney who put him behind bars.

Less than a week after the lethal injection, Sebastian Gichaud, a wealthy playboy grieving over the death of his mother, threw on a black cloak and hacked the prosecutor to death with a giant scythe.

Not only did Sebastian appear to be fulfilling the serial killer’s last wish — he claimed that he was the Halloween Killer.

Now, as the anniversary of the grisly murder approaches, Sebastian is facing trial. No one will touch the case. In a desperate attempt to save his son, Sebastian’s father hires Viktor Radek, professor of religious phenomenology, to investigate.

If Sebastian is guilty, Viktor wonders, then why are he and his associate Dominic Grey being warned off the case? And why did the Halloween Killer visit a series of reincarnation experts before his death?

None of Professor Radek’s doubts might matter, because he and Grey face the impossible task of convincing an Orleans Parish jury that Sebastian Gichaud is either a prisoner in his own mind – or possessed by the spirit of the Halloween Killer.

(Note to fans of the Dominic Grey series: The Reaper’s Game is a standalone novella that takes place earlier in time than The Shadow Cartel.)

My Review

What is it about human nature that makes us devour novels and movies about serial killers, crave macabre experiences like these?

I don’t usually add quotes from books, but this was just hit me like a tonne of bricks because it is so true.  I also asked myself at the same time, what make authors write about this and where do they get their ideas from? OK, so some authors might say that we write it because we know that readers love to read it, but really, I probably wouldn’t read it if it wasn’t written, so what came first the egg or the chicken…. And now onto my review.

I can’t fault this author, he is nothing short of brilliant, I got this book from his website, I clicked on the link on the main page and it was sent to me via email. It says a limited time only,  so don’t blame me if it is not available later.
This is book 4.5 in the Dominic Grey series and a novella of 75 pages, but there is so much going on, I loved it. This is suspenseful, a standalone in the series where we see Dominic and Viktor working together in New Orleans. The book doesn’t feel rushed, I am only just picking up the idea of reading novellas but the pace in this one is perfect. Read in one short sitting it was great to get back to Dominic and Viktor and their antics, perfect to fill in until the next in the series is out,  called The Resurrector.


laytongreenphotoAbout the author

Layton is a bestselling mystery/suspense/thriller writer and the author of the Dominic Grey series, as well as other works of fiction. His novels have been nominated for multiple awards (including a finalist for a prestigious International Thriller Writers award) and have reached #1 on numerous genre lists in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. His latest novel, The Shadow Cartel, was a #2 bestseller on Amazon UK.

In addition to writing, Layton attended law school in New Orleans and was a practicing attorney for ten very long years. He has also been an intern for the United Nations, an ESL teacher in Central America, a bartender in London, a seller of cheap knives on the streets of Brixton, a door to door phone book deliverer in Florida, and the list goes downhill from there.

Layton lives with his wife and children in North Carolina.


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