Forgotten Places by Johanna Craven

forgotten places by johanna cravenblurb from, please scroll down for my review. 

Van Diemen’s Land, Australia. 1833

English settler Grace Ashwell flees an abusive lover in Hobart Town, with six-year-old Violet in tow. In her head, escape is easy: find work in the northern settlements and earn enough for passage home to London. But the terrain beyond the settled districts is wilder than Grace could ever have imagined. She and Violet find themselves lost in a beautiful but deadly land where rain thunders down the sides of mountains, the earth drops away without warning and night brings impenetrable darkness.

Deep in the wilderness, they find a crude hut inhabited by Alexander Dalton, an escaped convict long presumed dead. Hiding from civilisation in an attempt to forget his horrifying past, Alexander struggles to let Grace into his world.

When Violet disappears, Grace’s fragile trust in Alexander is put to the test. And while she searches for answers, he will do anything to keep his secrets inside.

Inspired by the true story of the Macquarie Harbour bolters; one of the most horrifying events from Colonial Australia’s bloody history.

My Review
Audio book sent from the author in exchange for an honest review.

An enjoyable historical fiction book about a very dark moment of life in Australia’s history, the descriptions of the harsh life and day to day life of some of the people who lived there.  This is quite a powerful story with great descriptions of the wild landscapes. very well researched.

The book cover is great, it gives away nothing but adds to the mystery and the danger of the book. The one problem I had was with the narration, I didn’t enjoy the narration very much, but that is something so very personal don’t let it put you off the book because of it.



johanna cravenAbout the Author
Johanna Craven is an Australian-born writer of historical and contemporary fiction. She is also a film composer, music teacher and pianist. She has lived in Melbourne and Los Angeles and is currently based in London.

Her more questionable hobbies include ghost hunting, meditative dance and pretending to be a competitor on The Amazing Race when travelling abroad.




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