Game Theory (Katerina Carter Fraud Thriller #2) by Colleen Cross

game theory colleen crossBlurb from, please scroll down for my review.

A DEADLY GAME OF CORRUPTION A Katerina Carter Legal Thriller

Fraud investigator Katerina Carter is struggling to cope with her uncle’s dementia when she lands the biggest case of her career. Yet everything has a price. . .

When billionaire Zachary Barron hires Kat to investigate a possible embezzlement from his currency hedge fund, she uncovers a connection to the secretive and powerful World Institute, a global company that’s hell-bent on controlling governments and even the world’s financial markets. And the deeper she digs into its shady business practices, the more she finds herself caught on the jagged edge of a dark betrayal, unscrupulous corruption, and ruthless violence.

With her loved ones lives at stake and her career hanging in the balance, Kat must make the hardest decision of her life to protect herself and those she cares about most. Because the sinister World Institute will stop at nothing to keep their secrets from being exposed.

Now Kat is playing a deadly game against an enemy who never loses, takes no prisoners, and threatens her own life. . .

My Review

Another solid book from Colleen Cross. This book sees Kat solving a possible embezzlement, but I enjoyed the other story in this book, the one with Kat and her Uncle Harry, not forgetting of cause Hilary who is rather scary. Want to know who Hilary is? you might want to read the book.

This book is suspenseful, emotional , exciting. I enjoyed this book more than the first, Exit Strategy (even though that was good), I think the details of the characters are more developed and as I also just finished the first book recently they are fresh in my mind.

Very good narration, the same person as the first book. I received a copy of the audio book in exchange for a review.



About the Author

Colleen Cross writes exciting, intelligent thrillers and engrossing mysteries that grip you from the very first page. She took her very own “Exit Strategy” from the corporate world into the book world several years ago to indulge her bookworm wannabe writer self.

She lives with her family on the West Coast. When she’s not writing, she loves to run and explore with her rescue dog, Jaeger, who reminds her daily that life’s too short to not follow your dreams–or a squirrel or two.

Her books have been translated into multiple languages with more to come.


Facebook at

Twitter: @colleenxcross

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