A Life made of Lava by Lissa Del

a life made of lava lissa dell

Blurb from goodreads, please scroll down for my review.

Evie Danvers has three beautiful, if slightly out of control, children; a stray cat named Dr. Moxley and a best friend who drinks unapologetically at 9 a.m. Evie also has stage four bone cancer and a gallows sense of humour that drives her husband, Nick, demented.

Nick wants Evie to fight. Evie, on the other hand, is almost ready to die. This is not Evie’s first rodeo. She kicked her cancer twice before. But this time around, Evie knows it’s a battle she can’t win. Instead, she focuses on avoiding her oncologist, playing wicked pranks on her mother-in-law and getting her affairs in order, which includes hiring a nanny to take care of the kids after she’s gone.

Having Julia Soanes in his house would not have been Nick’s first choice. Julia smells of memories. And sex. Something Nick hasn’t had in a while. Nick’s moral objections, however, are short-lived. The woman he loves is dying. He can honor her dying wish. Can’t he?

My Review

This is an incredibly heart wrenching book, full of emotion and real life as well as friendship, love and devotion . Super well written which is just as well because the narrator didn’t do a very good job in my opinion. OK, so back to the story itself, oh boy, it is fantastic, the characters are so real and human, I did get it though, why Evie was looking for the perfect nanny fairly early on in the book!!! But that didn’t spoil it for me in the least.

The cover is stunning, as is the title.

I was given a copy of the audio book in exchange for a review.


lissa delAbout the Author

Melissa Delport is an award winning author and lover of all things bookish.

For ten years she owned and operated her own specialist logistics company until she woke up one morning and decided it was time to put her English degree to good use. Melissa released her first book in 2013. In 2014 she was offered a publishing contract for her Legacy series and her hobby became a career.

While she does not miss the corporate world, Melissa does sometimes miss the novelty of being taken seriously. She resides in Hillcrest, KZN with her husband and three children none of whom take her seriously.










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