The Child Taker by Conrad Jones

The Child Taker by Conrad Jones#

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A stand alone novel based on high profile child abductions, which have been followed by millions of concerned parents on the news. 5 year old twins are abducted from a tent in the Lake District and the hunt for a dangerous paedophile ring begins. Police procedure follows the premise that 60% of abducted children are murdered within the first four hours of being taken. The first hour is called “The golden hour” and the longer a child is missing, the less chance there is of them being recovered unharmed. The Child Taker follows the desperate search for the missing twins. Packed with action and twists, this is one of the best thriller novels around.

My Review

At first if was a little slow, and I will admit, the narration was poor, not the worst I have ever listened to but not really good, I will give this book a three star review due to the narration, but probably it would have four stars if I had read it. This is a book with some very emotional content, and there are parts with some graphic details of violence so beware those with a weak stomach. And the ending was a little sudden.

The book was well written in a similar way to another book which I have also reviewed by the author, Brick

About the Author.

Conrad Jones is a best selling thriller writer with three thriller series published.

The Soft Target Series 6 books

The Detective Alec Ramsay Series 6 books

The Hunting Angels Diaries (horror) 3 books.

11 of his books are available in audio and his novels have been translated into six languages.

He is always keen to talk to readers and writers alike,


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Twitter @ConradJones

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