A Murder of Crows by Ian Skewis

Blurb from goodreads.com, please scroll down for my review.

The most violent thunderstorm in living memory occurs above a sleepy village on the West Coast of Scotland.  

A young couple take shelter in the woods, never to be seen again…

DCI Jack Russell is brought in to investigate. Nearing retirement, he agrees to undertake one last case, which he believes can be solved as a matter of routine.

But what Jack discovers in the forest leads him to the conclusion that he is following in the footsteps of a psychopath who is just getting started. Jack is flung headlong into a race against time to prevent the evolution of a serial killer… 

My review.

Thanks for the oportunity to listen to this book to the author Ian Skewis

I wanted to like this so much, specially as I listened to the audiobook and the voice is very sexy, but I found it confusing as I found the jumping from the characters rather confusing, not sure what the son of the policeman had to do with the storyline, I also found a lack of character development.

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