11 Pearls of Wisdom: Various Messages II by Stephan Attia

11 pearls of wisdomPublisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (June 11, 2013)

This is a very interesting spiritual, non fiction book, a short book with only 58 pages with 11 chapters each one a different story but at then end they are all the same: do the right thing in life.

They are nicely written very clear messages as to what is right and wrong or the divine as the author puts it.

I wasn´t sure when I first choose to read this as it is a little different for me, but once I got started I finished it on one sitting, finding myself totally relaxing while reading and if you feel you need reminding of the good things in life then this is a fast simple read which will make you reflect on life and hopefully make the correct choices.

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Effective Online Book Marketing – Guest Post By Jasmine Roy

4 Mistakes to Avoid for Effective Online Book Marketing

Are you looking for a simple and efficient technique to promote your book in the market? Then, online book marketing would prove to be an ideal technique to promote your book in an effective way. Due to various developments in the technology and easy access to the web a large number of authors and publications prefer to go for online book marketing. With new authors and book publications venturing in the market, an increase is observed in the promotion of new books over the web. However, many authors do not have proper knowledge of internet marketing skills. As a result, they tend to make some mistakes due to which several influential authors fail to promote their explicit books over the web. Some of the common mistakes that most of the good authors tend to make and fail to market their book effectively online are as stated below.

  1. Incompetent Keyword Research

As a matter of fact, the keyword research is the chief requirement for online book promotion. However, making use of the keywords does not mean to stuff them in the content. Several authors do not have good experience in marketing strategies and hence they are not able to think the way promoters think with respect to marketing. The authors are unable to find, target and finally draft a perfect list of keywords and phrases.

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