Second Hand Second Avenue – Edited by Wendy Tyler Ryan

second hand second avenueI just loved the introduction, very warm and inviting. This book is slightly different from most books, there are ten short stories and each story is written by a different author with a completely different story line, but with one thing in common: a Mr. Blank from the Second Avenue Second Hand in Bottle Bay. Again most of the stories has a different time scale and at times you don´t know what year it is.

This is a delightful, fun easy read. Pull up a comfortable chair, make a coffee or tea and get cozy. Knights having adventures, children with loads of coins, mysteries, war and it goes on.

Each different story is very well written, has no grammatical errors and although there are different authors the writing is very similar. By far my favourite story of the lot was Bring me back an Edelweiss, got me thinking and also a little sad. The main character seems very real for someone who went away to war. Also another of my favourites was Selma´s Choice, really heartwarming when you understand what the choice was.

The ending was, to be honest, surprising, there is a side to Mr. Blank that hadn´t been seen until then and I really, really enjoyed it. Overall this is a great book with short stories and rather unusual as I have not found another similar book. Highly recommended to anyone enjoying short stories with a little extra. There is also a little bit at the end about each author and it was amazing to see that they are from various parts of the world, and are united thanks to this book.