Click on each author name to go directly to the interview page. Click on the name of the book to view my review.

Rachel Amphlett author of White Gold (Dan Taylor 1), Under Fire, (Dan Taylor 2),  The Legacy Device (Dan Taylor #0.5) , Three Lives Down (Dan Taylor #3), Behind the Wire (Dan Taylor #4), Mistake Creek, Scared to Death (Detective Kay Hunter 1), Before Nightfall,  Look Closer

MJ Arlidge author of Eeny Meeny

Layton Green author of The Summoner,   The Egyptian  &   The Diabolist

Geoffrey T Hudson  author of The String Theory

Matthew Keith  author of Watchers of the Night  & Rise of Indicium 

C. Martin Stepp author of Walking Backwards & Two Thursdays

Dan Mayland author of The Colonel´s Mistake, The Leveling and Spy for Hire. 

John Phelps author of Visits.

Donna McNicol author of Not a Whisper and Barely a Spark among others.

Adin Dalton  author of Pyotr Ilyich

Peter Donovan author of Legacy

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