List of Reviews

Here is a complete list of the reviews on my blog, the names of the books in bold are links to the review, the author names in bold have links to interviews. If there is not yet a link the review is on it´s way. The latest update of this list was 4th of May 2015, there might be new reviews since then to go the main page and check them out.

Recap of Reviews in 2014 Reviews-2014 (Downloadable pdf, size 8.2 mb)


Arlidge, M.J author of Eeny Meeny and Pop Goes The Weasel, The Doll´s House

Amiel, Joseph author of A Question of Proof among others

Amphlett, Rachel author of Under Fire and Before Nightfall, Look Closer

Archer, Jeffrey author of Best Kept Secret among others

Axxe, Theophilus author of Behold a Dark Mirror


Bacigalupi, Paolo author of The Ship Breaker among others.

Bartos, Mike author of Bash

Barr, Emily author of The Sleeper

Beasley, Pamela author of Disempowered

de Beauvoir, Jeannette author of Asylum

Billingham, Mark author of Rush of Blood

Borton, EE  author of Suffer

Boudreau, Erik Daniel author of Tidal Force

Bradford, Mary T author of My Husband´s Sin

Bratt, Kay author of The Bridge & The Scavengers Daughter´s & A Thread Unbroken

Brown, Dan author of Inferno among others

Burton, Jessie author of The Miniaturist


Cable, Jane author of The Faerie Tree

Cash, Phillip Michael author of The After House

Cameron, Graeme author of Normal

Cappa, Paula author of Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural

Carter, Jason author of Caught on a Web

Chapman, Emma author of How To Be A Good Wife

Christer, Sam author of The Stonehenge Legacy

Clarke, AFN author of The Orange Moon Affair & Jonas Trust Deception

Cobain, Janine author of How Will You Remember Me?

Cohen, Tammy author of Dying for Christmas

Cooper, Glenn author of Library of the Dead , Near Death

Corasanti, Michel Cohen author of The Almond Tree

Corin, Joshua author of Cost Of Life

Creswell, Kim author of Retribution

Crowley, Sinead author of Can Anybody Help Me? 

Cumming, Charles author of Spy by Nature among others


Dalton, Adin author of Pyotr Ilyich

Dawson, Mark author of Sword of God, The Cleaner, 1000 Yards 

Doetsch, Richard author of 13th Hour, Thieves of Heaven, Michael St Pierre series, and Half Past Dawn

Donovan, Peter author of Legacy

Doughty, Louise author of The Apple Tree Yard

Duffy, Brendan author of House of Echoes

Dugoni, Robert author of My Sister´s Grave

Durrant, Sabine author of Remember me this way

Durst-Benning, Petra author of The Glassblower

Duysings, Peter author of Turbulent Waters



Eade, Kenneth E author of A Patriots Act

Edwards, Mark author of The Magpies,  The Devil´s Work,  Follow You Home,  Forward Slash (with Louise  Voss)


Ferraris, Zoe author of Finding Nouf, City of Veils & Kingdom of Strangers

Flynn , Gillian author of Gone Girl among others (special review)

Flyte, Magnus author of City of Dark Magic & City of Lost Dreams

Furse, Dale author of Curse & Secret


Giguere, Rejean author of Endpoint & Jackfish Reborn among others

Gimenez, Mark author of The Perk , The Color of Law & The Accused & The Common Laywer, The Case Against William

Glaister, Leslie author of As Far As You Can Go

Green, Layton author of The Summoner,   The Egyptian , The Diabolist & The Metaxy ProjectThe Shadow Cartel

Grenton, James author of The Somali Doctrine

Grisham, John author of Theodore Boone, The Activist & Sycamore Row, Gray Mountain among others

Grissom, Kathleen author of The Kitchen House


Hancock, Penny author of A Trick of the Mind

Harwood, Michael author of The Manservant

Hayes, Terry author of I Am Pilgrim   (my book of the year so far)

Hayes, Samantha author of Before You Die , You Belong to Me and No Way Out

Haynes, Elizabeth author of Into The Darkest Corner

Hawkins, Paula author of The Girl On The Train

Healey, Emma author of Elizabeth is Missing

Heath, Lucas author of BoX   

Hirsch, Reece author of Intrusion

Hobbs, Roger author of Ghostman

Hodge, Sibel author of Look Behind You

Hodgson, Antonia author of The Devil in the Marshalsea

Holsinger, Bruce author of A Burnable Book

Hoppe, Paul author of The Curse of Van Gogh

Hudson , Geoffrey T author of The String Theory

Huston, T.L author of Johnny Vegas, the Death of Innocence

Hyde, Elizabeth, author of The Abortionist´s Daughter


Ibrahim, Laila author of Yellow Crocus


James, Maggie author of Second Captive

James, Peter author of Perfect People

Jewell, Lisa author of The Third Wife

Joseph, Michael author of A New Dawn Rising


Karlin, Eve author of City of Thieves and Liars

Kassel, James author of Last Man Out

Kauffman, Andrew E. author of Twisted

Keith, Matthew  author of Watchers of the Night  & Rise of Indicium 

Kerr, Kenneth J author of Life of a Double Agent

Koch, Herman, author of The Dinner

Knox, Tom author of The Genesis Secret & Bible of the Dead among others

Kreslehner, Gabi author of Rain Girl


Lalami, Laila author of  Secret Son

Landay, William author of Defending Jacob

Lashner, William author of The Accounting

Alwrence, Mary author of The Alchemist´s Daughter

Lee, Carol author of Death by Chocolate 

LeMatritre, Pierre author of  Alex & Irene. 


Macallister, Greer author of The Magician´s Lie

Mackintosh, Clare author of I Let You Go

Marrs, John author of The Wronged Sons,  A Thousand Small Explosions

Marsons, Angela author of Silent Scream , Evil Games and Blood Lines

Meyers, Randy Susan author of Accidents of Marriage

Mayland , Dan author of The Colonel´s MistakeThe Leveling,  Spy for Hire and Death of a Spy

Martin, Phil author of Child no 3 among others

McKenzie, Jake author of When Pigs Flu…

McLain, Paula author of Circling the Sun

McNicol, Donna author of Not a Whisper and Barely a Spark among others.

McVay, Katie author of City of Lost Secrets

Methos, Victor author of The Neon Laywer

Moriarty, Laine author of The Husband´s Secret (special review)

Moss , Kate author of The Cave among others

Moyes, JoJo author of One Plus One (Special Review)

Murray, Jim author of Brother


Naughten, Steffi author of The Supreme Remedy

North, Will author of Harm Done


O´Byran, Laurence author of The Istanbul Puzzle, the Jerusalem Puzzle and The Manhattan Puzzle

O´Connell, Caitlin author of Ivory Ghosts

O¨Kane, Janet author of No Stranger To Death



Pavone, Chris author of The Accident and The Expats.

Perman, LeeAnn author of My Name was Bert

Phelps, John author of Visits.

Price, AK author of The Death Bet


Quinn, C.S, author of The Thief Taker


Randone, Sebastiana author of The House

Raven, James author of Malicious

Richell,  Hannah author of The Shadow Year

Reiss, Madeleine author of Someone To Watch Over Me

Roberts, Rachel Florence author of The Medea Complex

Roberts, Samilla author of Worlds Away From Home

Rodriguez, Deborah  author of The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul among others

Rose, M.J. Author of Witch of Painted Sorrows



Scottoline, Lisa author of Keep Quiet

Seiters, Nadine author of Sarah and Liam among others.

Shemilt, Jane auhtor of Daughter (Special Review)

Shepard, Catherine author of Fatal Puzzle

Sherratt, Mell author of Follow the Leader and Only the Brave

Simsion, Graeme author of The Rosie Project

Sinclair, Rob author of Dance with the Enemy and Rise of the Enemy

Somaya Gowda, Shilpi author of The Secret Daughter

Stone, Jonathan author of Moving Day

Stone, Nick author of The Verdict

Smith, Roger T author of Rising Threat

Stepp, C. Martin author of Walking Backwards & Two Thursdays

Swanson, Peter author of The Kind Worth Killing



Taylor, C.L. author of The Accident, The Lie

Tessaro, Kathleen author of The Perfume Colector

Tigner, Tim author of Coercion among others

Thomas, Rosie author of The Kashmir Shawl

Tomerlin, Matt author of The Devils Fire

Toyne, Simon author of Santus, The Key & The  Tower

Tremayne, S.K. author of The Ice Twins

Turner, James Houston author of November Echo


Ure, Louise author of The Fault Tree


Vandor,  Michael author of Line of Succession – The Price of Power

Visahishta, Raju author of Magical Riddles

Voss, Louise author of The Venus Trap, Forward Slash


Watson Bonnie author of Wisdom among others

Watson, SJ author of Before I Go To Sleep and Second Life

Waite, Thomas author of Lethal Code & Terminal Value

Weaver, Tim author of Never Coming Back, among others (special review)

Whitehouse, Lucy author of Before We Met

Worley, Mike author of Entitlement among others


Yates, Christopher author of Black Chalk


Zailckas, Koren author of Mother, Mother

Zafón, Carlos Ruíz author of Shadow of the Wind

Zander, Joaquim author of The Swimmer

Zusak, Marcus author of The Book Thief (special review)


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