Special Guest Interview Peter Donovan author of Legacy

peter donovanAutor Bio: Peter Donovan was born in the beautiful and historic City of Bath, England in 1974.  After 30 years living in the United Kingdom, he emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2005 where he now lives with his wife Joanne and his two British Blue cats, Cobalt and Sapphire. Peter has worked as an Aircraft Engineer and a Power Station Operator. He has always been interested in science, both fact and fiction. From an early age he remembers pulling things to pieces and trying to improve them, driving his mother and father to distraction; only later in life learning how things went back together again! Peter’s wife of 14 years, has listened to many weird and wonderful ideas that Peter thought would make a good story. Eventually her comment, “For Christ’s sake stop talking about it and write it!” gave him the nudge he needed to begin.

“In a few short years, I’ve been into space with the help of the Chinese, seen the end of the world, averted disaster in the US, rebuilt a space shuttle and now I’ve won the lottery and travelled in time. The life of an author never gets boring!”

2012 Nibiru Rising, was his first published book in paperback. Peter has since gone on to publish 2013 Nibiru’s Shadow, also in paperback  and has released 2012, 2013, Legacy and now Aeon as eBooks. He is currently working on his fifth novel Duplicity, the sequel to Aeon.

Do you have a favourite character of those you have invented?

Most of my characters are amalgamations of people I know or have seen, those small traits that you notice in others when out on the street. I try to make them able to do the things I can’t, or say the things you ordinarily couldn’t get away with. My favourite character with this light easy going air is from my latest book Aeon. She is called Alice. She is Australian, early twenties and smart, although she doesn’t show it. She says what she thinks and has no pretence. A quality we all wish we had more of.

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Legacy by Peter Donovan

legacyLegacy by John Donovan

Science Fiction/Thriller

Short blurb: A dormant satellite is awoken after a mid-air collision and she returns to her outdated task of defending the USA from it´s cold war enemy, little does it know that there is no threat and needs to be shut down again.

The book is science fiction with a mix of thriller written about the future, but that could actually be true. This could ask many questions in regards to what is really up there in space. . I can highly recommend this book, it would appeal to anyone enjoying science fiction, thriller and space, I give it 4 stars.

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