The Supreme Remedy by Steffi Naughten

the supreme remedyThe Supreme Remedy by Steffi Naughten

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Tina Rhoades had been the very model of a young Marine: daughter and niece of soldiers, star athlete, and honors student. With an appetite for risk and adventure and a strong competitive streak, she joined the service with a desire to prove herself in combat. But her experiences in Afghanistan began to shake her faith in the values that she had grown up with, and she left the service to attend law school. After the death of her father in police custody, and further study, reflection and experience, she became increasingly radicalized, and critical of the U.S. legal and criminal justice systems – especially of what she came to view as the capture of the Supreme Court by a repressive, ideologically-driven and well-funded minority. She could see only one way to rebalance the court – and to undo the careful efforts of the hard-core right over 30 years: to use the deadly skills she had learned in the military to invoke The Supreme Remedy.
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