Special Guest Interview – Matthew Keith

I had the pleasure of interviewing  Matthew Keith after reading his superb debut novel called Watchers of the Night. CLICK HERE to see my review of book one and HERE for book two

Matthew Keith1.-What is your hope for your writing in the future?

Watchers is / was my debut novel. With a number of favorable reviews already, first and foremost my plan is to continue the series. I have a storyline up through a trilogy with the intention to allow a continuance past that if the fan base is there.

 I have three other stories in the works, as well – all them in some way or another focus around dreams. One is a little darker, one focuses on the concept of déjà vu, and the last is set in a more fantasy-rich environment.

 2.-How did you come up with the story idea?

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Watchers of the Night by Matthew Keith

watchers of the nightSummary from goodreads.com scroll down for my review: Paul Bennett doesn’t realize that his sleep disorder is actually a gift that allows him to travel the night free of his body. That is, not until he is approached by a member of Astralis; an organization funded by the government that uses people with his talent to gather information for the greater good.

At Astralis, Paul finds inclusion and friendship on a level that he’d never had the chance to experience and begins to believe that Astralis could provide a new life for him. It isn’t long, however, before he realizes that Astralis is an organization under siege from within. Paul finds himself forced to either choose a side or leave Astralis forever.

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