Reas The World – Chaka – Thomas Mofolo (Lesotho)

Book description Chaka is a genuine masterpiece that represents one of the earliest major contributions from black Africa to the corpus of modern world literature. Mofolo's fictionalised life-story account of Chaka (Shaka), translated from Sesotho by D. P. Kunene, begins with the future Zulu king's birth followed by the unwarranted taunts and abuse he receives... Continue Reading →

Read The World – The Scapegoat by Sophia Nikolaidou

Country 61 Greece, Quote: “Grandma calls it the Socratic Method. She considers it the highest pedagogical technique. I call it cornering a person. Instead of just telling you what I want you to know, I ambush you with questions. You try to escape, but you can’t. You can run whichever way you like, but in the end you’ll fall right into my trap.”

Read The World – The White Woman on the Green Bicycle Monique Roffey (Trinidad and Tobago)

Country 56 Trinidad and Tobago. ¨Every afternoon, around four, the iguana fell out of the coconut tree. Bdup! While sunbathing, it had fallen asleep, relaxing its grip, dropping from a considerable height. It always landed like a cat, on all fours, ready to fight. The dogs always went berserk, gnashing and chasing after the creature as it fled, scuttling across the grass, a streak of lime green disappearing off into the undergrowth.¨

Read The World – Bright by Duanwad Pimwana (Thailand)

Country 53 Thailand “You stay here. I’m taking your brother over to Grandma’s. I’ll be back in a bit.” Hearing these last three words, Kampol didn’t dare wander, worried that his father wouldn’t spot him when he got back, so he just paced back and forth, keeping an eye on the curve where the road came into the neighborhood.

Read the World – The Orphan Sky by Ella Leya (Azerbaijan)

Country 46 Azerbaijan Quote: “Autumn came. First inside me, then everywhere. Trees rushed to shake off their leaves like last year’s fashion and stood half naked, bowing to the advances of the northern wind. The Caspian Sea abandoned its good disposition and released its demons spewing out bursts of white foam”.

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